Course Attendees

  • Course Tutor
    Josh Goldsmith


    Josh has spent 6 years running direct response campaigns across social, search and display. For the past 3 years he has been an integral part of the campaign management team at Nanigans, advising large advertisers in Gaming, eCommerce and Finance on how to get the most out of their Facebook campaigns.

  • Course Architect
    Minas Iatrou


    Minas has spent 7 years managing large-scale Facebook ad campaigns, initially at Alchemy Social and now at leading Facebook Marketing Partner, Nanigans. Minas describes himself as a quantitative marketer and recently completed an MSc in Social Research and Statistics at the LSE.

  • Course Tutor
    Jamie Norsa

    Jamie Norsa is the Customer Success Team Lead for Nanigans EMEA. Previously at Accuen, he brings over 6 years Facebook Digital Marketing experience from Operational roles at Trading Desks and SaaS ad tech companies in both APAC and EMEA.

    Jamie works closely with some of the biggest direct-response advertisers in the EMEA region, providing consultation and support for dozens of Nanigans end users across media agencies, e-commerce retailers and high profile gaming companies.


4 Key Areas You'll Cover on Hatch:Facebook


Bidding & Attribution Modelling

  • bid types and optimal audience sizes
  • factoring different action rates and customer lifetime value
  • value per click, setting the correct bid levels and different attribution models

Testing Methods

  • exploit (business as usual) vs explore (testing new ground)
  • how to set up effective A/B tests
  • Simpson’s Paradox and the importance of data significance

Prospecting and Retargeting

  • custom audiences and lookalike “nesting”
  • intersection targeting and exclusions
  • website custom audiences, recency and advanced segmentation

Advanced Optimisation

  • pivoting data and deep dive analytics
  • amplification of positive trends, stopping of negative trends
  • data layer analysis and timing (daily vs weekly vs monthly)

Why Choose

"Great insight and unbiased advice on best practice with thought-provoking, interactive exercises and a very engaging trainer!"

James Fitzsimmons,

Shop Direct

"As an advanced Facebook advertiser, I learnt loads from the course, leaving with great ideas of how to improve our existing Facebook marketing activity and new techniques & strategies to try. Highly recommended for both beginners and experienced Facebook advertisers."

Nadia Kliashchuk,



Hatch Is Different

  • Unrivalled Channel Expertise

    For each workshop we have at least one tutor and one architect who work together to create workshops which share the most important concepts in their subject. We only work with experts who spend all day, every day working on their specific channel.

  • Deep, cutting-edge content

    If you want to learn, you need to take the time; our 2-day format will equip you with in-depth knowledge in your channel. Our courses are more advanced than anything else on the market. Challenge us!

  • Learning Through Doing

    You’ll learn much more through our task-based approach that you would with presentations. Our courses are interactive and challenging so, if you want to doze off in front of slides, you’re best off elsewhere!

  • Dive Into Data

    You’re working in data-heavy performance marketing so hands-on data analysis and optimisation is a key component of all our workshops.

  • The Latest Trends and Techniques

    Our content is constantly refreshed to provide the latest and best material on offer. Plus, after you’ve completed the course, you will have perpetual access to all our materials as they are updated

  • Expand Your Network

    Meet new people, share experiences and gain insight from different perspectives. Workshop attendees come from a wide range of verticals and from all over the world.


Have Any Questions
Course FAQ

  • 1. How advanced is this course? I already run Facebook ads, will there be anything further for me to learn?

    The course is advanced. We are sharing the combined insights of some of the most experienced Facebook advertising professionals; there will be plenty that is new to you and that you will be able to apply in your day job. Many of Europe’s largest Facebook spenders have been on this workshop and benefited from it. Some of the more advanced topics we cover include bidding strategies, tracking capabilities and optimisation, including consideration of LTV and maturity curves.

  • 2. Is this course suitable for someone with no experience of running Facebook ads?

    We do cover the basics but very quickly. If you are willing to invest some time in some pre-reading (we can give you some tips) and have a good head for data and analysis then you should be able to follow the majority of what is covered and benefit accordingly.

  • 3. How can I justify the cost when there are so many free online resources?

    Would you drive a Ferrari without being able to drive? Of course not. So why take the risk with your advertising budget? A good way of looking at this is to compare the investment for this workshop to your media budget. If you’re spending a tenner a day then maybe its not worth it, but if your budget is into the hundreds or thousands per month then efficiency gains from techniques you learn from Hatch could generate a return for your business way in excess of the cost of the course.

  • 4. We get free training from our agency and/or media owner - why would we pay for it?

    An agency is typically incentivised by how much you spend and keeping your business in the long-term. The money you spend on a platform goes straight into the media owner’s pockets. Hatch offers a truly impartial view on how to maximise your investment from your chosen media channel. The real question is whether you can afford not to be up-to-date with the latest best practices in Facebook marketing.

  • 5. What verticals is this relevant for and do you focus on direct response or branding?

    We tend to focus more on direct response than traditional branding and we work examples from a variety of verticals, including ecommerce, travel, finance and mobile apps/games. That being said, anyone who runs Facebook ads driving to some kind of downstream event, whether that be a sale or a like, will benefit from our structured and data-fuelled approach to teaching Facebook advertising.

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