Course Attendees

  • Course Tutor
    Gabriel Hughes


    Gabe is widely acknowledged as one of the leading authorities on attribution in Europe today. He is the founder of analytics software provider Metageni, spent 2 years as VP Analytics at Elsevier, the world’s largest science publisher and prior to that was Google’s Head of Attribution for 6 years.


4 Key Areas You'll Cover on Hatch:Attribution


User Journeys

  • purchase journeys and how they differ by vertical
  • why good tag management is so fundamental to success
  • what’s wrong with a last click attribution model?

Attribution Models

  • an explanation of multi-touch attribution by its inventor
  • linear, last click, first touch, time decay and more; how they compare
  • attributing CPAs and how to choose the right model

Regression and Modelling

  • data-driven attribution and how to apply regression
  • looking at the role of time series and stationarity
  • the role of technology and attribution management platforms

Experimental Methods

  • how to run effective A/B tests
  • Adwords and Facebook testing, manual testing, geo-testing made easy
  • business actions to take from attribution-driven analysis

Why Choose

"Great course. I’ve done quite a few training courses and the importance of having someone with real world knowledge can’t be underestimated."

Steve Thew,


"Gabe was friendly, patient, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and a natural speaker. Great topics throughout; each module had good content and relevant real-world anecdotes."

Ryan Lindo,



Hatch Is Different

  • Unrivalled Channel Expertise

    For each workshop we have at least one tutor and one architect who work together to create workshops which share the most important concepts in their subject. We only work with experts who spend all day, every day working on their specific channel.

  • Deep, cutting-edge content

    If you want to learn, you need to take the time; our 2-day format will equip you with in-depth knowledge in your channel. Our courses are more advanced than anything else on the market. Challenge us!

  • Learning Through Doing

    You’ll learn much more through our task-based approach that you would with presentations. Our courses are interactive and challenging so, if you want to doze off in front of slides, you’re best off elsewhere!

  • Dive Into Data

    You’re working in data-heavy performance marketing so hands-on data analysis and optimisation is a key component of all our workshops.

  • The Latest Trends and Techniques

    Our content is constantly refreshed to provide the latest and best material on offer. Plus, after you’ve completed the course, you will have perpetual access to all our materials as they are updated

  • Expand Your Network

    Meet new people, share experiences and gain insight from different perspectives. Workshop attendees come from a wide range of verticals and from all over the world.


Have Any Questions
Course FAQ

  • Attribution's too complicated - isn’t it more trouble than it’s worth?

    Attribution is complicated and it is fair to say that the whole area is very grey; there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way of doing things. At the same time, if you’re running multiple channels and your customers are interacting with your brand or product through multiple touch-points, you need to have some appreciation of the relative value of those interactions in order to make smarter decisions.
  • We’ve used a last click model for years and it works for us - why change?

    Plenty of businesses grew up on the returns of paid search and in that sense its not difficult to see why last click has fared so well. However, it’s not 2005 anymore; there are far more media channels, both paid and unpaid, through which your customers might arrive. The question to ask yourself is whether it is only the last click that can claim credit for a sale. More often than not, the answer will be no.

  • What problem will this solve for my business?

    This workshop will equip you with an understanding of the relative value (and role) of different channels in the marketing mix. In turn, this should make you better able to make smarter marketing and budgeting decisions.

  • I only run Adwords ads, do I need to understand the ins and outs of attribution?

    If you are a smaller advertiser running only one or two channels then this workshop is not for you. Whilst you would undoubtedly find the content interesting it would be difficult to apply in your day-to-day. However if you are looking to scale and test new channels, then this could be extremely useful for you.
  • Is this theoretical or practical? Do I need to be an Excel ninja?

    The workshop is very hands-on. There is Excel work on the second day; you need to be familiar with basic functions but don’t worry if pivot tables aren’t your thing – we will walk you through the more technical aspects of what we cover.

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